A4AI Affordability Report 2019

The latest Alliance for Affordable Internet, A4AI, Affordability Report 2019 is available online, via their website. This is accompanied with their press release and executive summary, which develops on a number of key themes including affordability, access and competition.

Sonia Jorge, Executive Director at Alliance for Affordable Internet –

‘Governments must also play their role by pursuing public access policy and investments that build healthy, competitive markets that drive down the cost to connect.’ – Sonia Jorge

Also available via the A4AI ‘Good practices database’ and linked out via the summary, is a case study entitled ‘Expanding international availability’, which provides detail on the submarine competition in Ghana at backhaul level, and how this is driving affordability in a positive way. However, there is much still to do.

Our analysis and response will be posted in the coming weeks.


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